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“I am so thankful for Terry for helping with my stress level and complete overwhelm that was at a 10 and after the session I feel like I can take on the world and the level was more like a 2! She’s brilliant. kind and really gets down to business to resolve issues I didn’t even know I was still hanging on to. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Terry for making my stress levels dissolve after 1 session!”

Tonya Hofmann
What others have to say about Terry
I have know and worked with Terry for many years. Her intuitive abilities are off the chart. She is able to tap directly into your blocks and help you remove them. she has an amazing gift for healing combined with a deep knowledge of business. My advice, call Terry now!

Joe Nunziata
As an Intuitive Success Navigator, Terry reignites entrepreneurs to create the success they seek. Clients call her the "Intuitive Truth Detective" because she quickly uncovers and releases their self-sabotaging baggage that creates stress and overwhelm and gets in their way. Their mindset shifts easily and confidence, competence and credibility increases leading to improved performance in all areas of their lives. With their newfound energy and focus, they magnetically attract their ideal customers, create and lead productive teams and increase sales. 
Intuitive Success Navigator
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Terry Wildemann
Find clarity in choosing the right words and phrases
 Feel confident in your speeches and writing
 Revive your energy as you speak and write
Enhance your writing and conversation with heart-centered focus.
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Create positivity with your words when speaking  and writing.
Create positivity in your speaking and writing.